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Simplified Collaboration: New SwyxPLUS Conference Manager enables easy organisation of teleconferences

The world of work has become more flexible and mobile, leading to changes in the way we communicate. Staff travel more frequently, work from home and across multiple locations. A telephone or audio conference represents an ideal platform for staff and customers to collaborate over long distances. The launch of a new tool, the SwyxPLUS Conference Manager from unified communications vendor Swyx now makes these easier to organise.

11.10.2016 • Press release

Users of Swyx’s unified communications will be able to benefit from the new Conference Manager option in Q4 of 2016. This will provide a convenient management function for organising teleconferences including scheduling meetings for large numbers of participants across multiple virtual conference rooms.  The management of invitations is done directly within Microsoft Outlook: Each authorised user can easily organise their calendar and manage all users and the sending of meeting requests to contacts is done automatically via email. Participants can therefore be easily selected from existing address books.

In addition to being able to accept or reject invitations, a user-specific access code is also included for conference calls. This ensures that only authorised persons can participate in confidential discussions.  The availability of rooms is resolved quickly and easily, so when the appropriate conference room is free; the resource planning is taken care of automatically by the Conference Manager.

The SwyxPLUS Conference Manager option offers numerous business advantages. Since employees can dial from different locations into the conference call, businesses can both save time and reduce travel expenses. At the same time the flexibility of employees increases, since they can communicate easily with each other, even if they are not at the same place. Processes can be made more effective, project times shortened and staff productivity improved. Customers may also be included easily into conference calls, resulting in increased overall satisfaction and service levels.

The SwyxPLUS Conference Manager option will be available in Q4 2016 as an add-on module for Swyx’s UC solution.